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Our New Projects


The scandinavian/ mid-century style house is a visual relief for those with love for simplicity, minimalism and functionality!


If you like calm, luminosity, order and serenity, you will love this modern-style house in Bethesda!

With it's formal and conceptual simplicity you will be able to contemplate its open spaces.


A house full of styles for those ones full of creativity! It goes from the striking and colorful pop art style to the rustic of the farm style and the modern one.

Perfect for your family.


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Brighton Dam Rd

Spaciousness, luminousness, open spaces, a large patio to a swimming pool with a modern industrial style!

Everything perfect to enjoy with a large group. Versatile and beautiful are just few words for this house which gives peacefull vibes.

It wll be available very soon!

Brookeville, MD

This new project is based on luminosity, spaciousness, freshness and a subtly sophisticated environment for the Brookeville house.

This house is going to be part of our new vacation rental subdivision!

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